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Other Publications   

Other suggested publications about the Broad Gauge

Although the BGS specialises in gathering and publishing information about the Broad Gauge, clearly there are many other publications, albeit sometimes of limited print runs, and we include some of them here.  Independant book-sellers, book resellers lists, and the internet are places to find these publications.

Great Western Broad Gauge Album

A publication that has been one of my favourites since purchasing a copy back in 1974; - that was before the BGS was even formed - and at the princely sum of £1.80 !

The depth to which photos from this particular book got etched into my neural pathways, is probably the reason I've ended up looking after the BGS web-site !

The many black & white photos have descriptions, and cover many classes across the era of the broad gauge; but although the photographers are not named, is seems likely that many were taken by W. M. Spriggs; some photos may be found in other publications.  However, this compilation by A. K. Steele is a stunning book, and uses exclusively broad gauge photos.


Reference ISBN 0-902888-11-0, and published by the Oxford Publishing Co. - this book can be obtained from on-line book re-sellers.


Broad Gauge Finale

With a short history of the broad gauge railway, followed by the description of an exhilarating trip on the footplate of a Rover class; we are then treated to the crafted photographs of the Rev A.H. Malam.

This is a wonderful book, and clearly written by someone who had a passion for the broad gauge railway, going to considerable lengths to lug early camera equipment around to capture these precious images.

As the titles suggests, this series of photographs is from the closing years of the broad gauge, with many images of the 'Rover' class engines; - unusually featuring many trains running at speed - a feat for photography of the period, and sometimes in inclement weather.


ISBN 0-906867-31-2 - b/w illustrations & some notes - published by Wild Swan Publications Ltd. in 1985

I picked up a copy from an internet reseller.


Broad Gauge

A soft cover booklet first issued in 1985; compiled by Lance Day, then keeper at the Science Museum.

Although there are some photos, this is not a picture book; rather a well researched book spanning the short history of the broad gauge, with in-depth coverage of Brunel's involvement in the development of the Great Western and other railways; also glancing at broad gauge railways elsewhere.

This 44 page booklet which contains some black & white photos, also covers the debate surounding the Gauge Commission.


Reference ISBN 0-11-290437-8, and published by the HMSO / Science Museum

I've seen this book advertised new for £3, but is also available from on-line book resellers; there is also a digitized version.  I also found a copy to view in the Reference section of my local Library.


Brunel's Broad Gauge Railway

From the author Christopher Awdry, (more normally associated with children's 'Thomas The Tank Engine' books) came this serious hardback book.

With a fascinating insight into the GWR's broad gauge routes, and featuring some interesting photos from the period, the book was released to co-incide with the centenary of the final gauge conversion of 1892.


ISBN 10-0860935043 - Hardback in English - published by Haynes Publishing, 18 May 1992.

Now well out of print, I bought a second hand copy from the internet for a reasoanble price; only to later find that my local Library also holds a copy.