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Please note : all items are subject to a post and packing charge.

Postage: to U.K. :
U.K. National Postage rates have risen considerably in recent years, and are subject to weight and size bandings.  Small items will be subject to a mimimum post and packing charge of £2.00 per order; large or heavy packages will attract higher postal charges, and be charged at cost.

This is also true for lengths of 7mm scale rail, which is charged by shape.

For everywhere outside the U.K.,  postage is at cost, but will be a mimimum of £2.00.

For further information, or to order 7mm scale items, please drop an email to the Society's officer dealing with this at :

Please note that kits do not include paint, transfers or joining materials; also wheels and axles are not normally included.

For locomotives, further items like a motor and gearbox will be required, please enquire before purchasing.

If the info symbol    is shown in the description of an item, click to open a printable pdf file - including notes on how an item may be assembled.

BGS Sourced Kits and Parts - 7mm scale models and prices.

Below is a list of kits and parts to assist in building a range of broad gauge models.  The range includes some items previously sold by IKB models, including some Standard Gauge kits. 

These modelling parts are available from the BGS;  prices quoted are in U.K. pounds; please email for further information. 
BGS Members will receive a discount of close to 10% off the listed prices shown here, please quote your membership number when ordering.

Please note some items may be Out Of Stock, marked ( OOS ) and there may be a delay in sending items out while further batches are sought.
An item marked ( ATO ) denotes it is Available To Order, and will be produced on request.

We do not offer any ready-to-run models, and all kits will need assembling; which will include cutting, bending, soldering, gluing and painting. 

Please use the Search, Next page, and column reordering options to assist in finding items.

Item Ref Description Image if available Flag Price / Qty
Item Ref Description Image if available Flag Price / Qty

Please use the Search, page buttons, and column reordering options to assist in finding items.